3-Hour Organic DIY Beeswax Candle Making Class

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This is the safest method of candle making for you and the environment!

Using beeswax, and if desired herb-infused coconut oil for adding color naturally, you will be able to make 2-4 candles using the silicone mold (e.g. flower, star, heart) and/or decorative containers of your choice (12 oz. of beeswax). You can take home the molds/containers and reuse them.

Wait there's more! While waiting for the beeswax candles to melt & set, you will be able to customize & make another product using beeswax: lotion (4 fl oz) with your choice of oils, butters & essential oils.

The other benefits of taking this class:
*100% hands-on
*Go home with full-size products that you've made and a detailed handout with recipes, ingredient information & instructions
*The benefits of the various ingredients will be discussed (e.g. oils, butters, clays, herbs, salts, teas, essential oils) so you can customize the products based on your needs and preferences
*The ingredients are certified organic, ethically wild-harvested, Kosher, gluten-free, vegan and/or untreated
*Use of all preparation and safety materials - You do not need to bring anything! Just have fun!
*The class is capped at four people for a more personal experience.

If you do not see a class time that works for you, contact Lindsay at 617-272-5842 or email bluedotorganics@gmail.com to arrange your class!

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Lindsay Roulusonis is the owner of Blue Dot Organics, a small business located in San Francisco. She grew up in Augusta, Georgia, which is where she began learning about natural products and their benefits. Since then, she has gradually made them more and more a part of her life for her family’s health.

The more she learns about what goes into our food and products, global warming, and corporate irresponsibility, the more she turns to organic choices that are sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and socially-responsible. Changing your lifestyle takes effort though; this desire pushed her into learning about organic products, the benefits of herbs, oils, butters, etc., and DIY recipes.

She took her first DIY class in Boston, Massachusetts with her sister-in-law, and of course loved it! Why not share the knowledge? So, as you can see, she has started this business to offer organic products and DIY classes. She loves the small group setting; Lindsay has a Bachelor's in Education and has been tutoring one-on-one and small groups in various subjects for 10 years.

Outside of the business, Lindsay loves reading, bicycling, yoga, red wine, traveling, the beach and now riding up and down the west coast on her motorcycle! Her husband, Robert, and she travel as much as they can, and before moving to San Francisco, they lived in Pamplona, Spain and Boston, Massachusetts. They are very happy to be in San Francisco, though; the quality of life is sky-high, the people are friendly and helpful, the landscape is gorgeous and the views are spectacular!

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