Introduction to Mixology: San Francisco

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Take part in a highly interactive session where you and your friends will learn how to think about and prepare classic and modern cocktails while you taste history in a glass. Utilize a blend of core bartending tools, multitasking skills, creativity, and apply elements of science to discover a new way to innovate and have fun in a unique learning and recreational event.

This hands-on session gives everyone the chance to interact with our SF Mixology team as well as each other as they learn the art of crafting cocktails. An exciting crash course in mixology and bartending basics, you get a chance to taste a chronological history of cocktails and learn how alcohol overlaps human endeavors while learning new skills and strengthening bonds. As an added twist, the event becomes an exclusive experience, taking place at one of the highest profile bars on the West Coast.

Pour fun over ice...
We recreate the thrill and intensity of being behind a real bar, with time constraints and mixology challenges, all while maintaining the high standards of outstanding customer service. When you apply your new found skills and knowledge through the fun of bartending, you will see how it can transfer back to your personal and professional world.

When the last shaker stops and every chilled glass is filled, everyone shares the successes of all that is learned in a one of a kind experience. We know you work hard and SF Mixology is committed to helping create high caliber learning combined wit

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The founder of SFM, Shawn Refoua, has spent the past six years studying how people think about and drink cocktails. He’s dedicated these years to understanding bartending methodology in its differing forms, and how bartending etiquette is affected by all factors surrounding bar businesses and their customers. As a student of behavioral psychology, he has also done research into understanding alcohol’s effect on bartenders and their patrons using an emphasis on group dynamics. In the past six years, Shawn has personally instructed over two thousand people in the art of bartending, and has trained a bartender resident in almost every bar in San Francisco.

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