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Capture your home or building in a unique way using loose line drawing techniques. In this course that embraces imperfections, Peggy Dean will teach you how to create a quaint illustration of the place you call home.

After you’ve built the skeleton of your home, you’ll work on adding in small details, a watercolor wash, and lettering to your darling illustration. The skills you’ll learn in this class will set you up for all kinds of line drawing adventures, including sketching landscapes, cityscapes, interiors, and more!


  • Let loose and start drawing without things looking perfect.

  • Use shapes to sketch out the structure of your home

  • Find the small details and add them to your illustration.

  • Add a watercolor wash to your house, bushes, a sidewalk, and more!

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

Line Drawing Illustration book, 5 pc monoline pen set, drawing paper

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The Pigeon Letters

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Peggy is native to the Pacific Northwest and is a nationally recognized freelance artist, with worldwide publications as a platform artist. Her lettering and illustrative designs have been recognized all around the world, with a focus on modern calligraphy and line drawing, though her skills range vastly in the world of creativity. She is the best selling author of The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide and Botanical Line Drawing.

Peggy is an award-winning online instructor with a range of classes on Skillshare. She also hosts an informational blog (welcome!) and maintains a popular instructional social media platform to inspire people to create. Peggy embraces natural elements in her everyday life, and it shows in her everyday work, surrounding herself in greenery and botanicals. She is predominantly self-taught, which she proudly uses to assist others. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

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