Japanese Watercolour

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Learn watercolor basics and authentic Japanese designs.

This class will cover the basics on what types of brushes to use, the process involved in watercolor painting, from sketching to how to properly use undertones and shading. Learn terrific color combinations, techniques, and how to paint on textures.

You will leave the class completing two watercolor paintings. Learn the difference between washes, glazing, wet in wet, dry brush, lifting off, and dropping in color. In addition, you will learn tips painting small figures, the elements and principles of design, as well as painting from photography.

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Krystin has been an artist on many different levels for as long as she can remember. She first got into watercolor during her two year tattoo apprenticeship and fell in love with it. In her free time, she is a head crepe chef, plays the harmonica and guitar, sings, and travels.