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POP QUIZ. (pause to hear the collective groan...)

The first step to starting a business is:
a) Creating a business plan.
b) Printing out mad biz' cards, yo.
c) Completing a basic skills assessment test
d) Taking this class, dummy!

While d) is a tempting red herring, the answer is actually c). Aspiring entrepreneurs should prep for the world of small business ownership, not by jumping into a business plan, but by first completing a basic skills assessment sheet to review their strengths and weaknesses and develop a starting point.

This Dabble class (which you may want to consider taking if you didn't pass our pop quiz ... and which you may still want to consider taking even if you did pass our pop quiz because everyone knows "when in doubt pick c" ;) is a comprehensive introduction to entrepreneurship. It covers the basics like coming up with an idea, opportunity cost / risk assessment, lifecycle marketing, and business plan writing. This class is geared towards people who have been curious about starting a business, but don't know where to start.

Students can expect to walk away with a better understanding of the creative process of developing a business idea as well as tools & tips for surviving the early planning stages. The instructor will touch upon basic financial assessments and planning, identifying competition, and developing marketing plans. Class will conclude with suggestions for putting your work into a business plan format and leave you with guidelines about what to do next.

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Rampelle Aguilar started his own consulting practice two years ago after receiving his Entreperneurship certificate from the College of DuPage in 2007. Just three weeks shy of completing his Bachelor's degree in Management and Entreperneurship from DePaul, Rampelle has had many amazing opportunities while at DePaul, including the chance to work with his mentor Ed Paulson author of "The Idiots Guide to Starting your own Business" for one year.

11 Have Dabbled