Advanced Facebook for Business

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This is follow up to my Basics of Facebook for Business class. In this class, I'll teach you Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies -- from upping your Facebook reputation and advanced Timeline to Apps and Goals and Insights. I'll also show you how to funnel new members to your page, automate your page and engage with your members, so you can increase your brand awareness.

If you don’t already know, companies are using Facebook for business, as a new way to promote, connect and brand a company. And if your company isn't using it, then you're missing out BIG TIME.

So why bother using FB for your business? I'll tell ya why -- It gives you a chance to personally connect with your customers, while building your business brand, instead of hiding behind a logo on your website. Not to mention, Facebook is great way to transparently solicit and respond to customer feedback and suggestions.

Also, if leveraged properly, you can market the heck out of your products and services, share company news and potentially, go viral.


Own or be part of a new or future company to apply these principals to.

Allie LeFevere

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Allie worked in the consulting world for 6 years and recently as a VP for a health and wellness Chicago-based start-up, all while building her own successful Life and Health Coaching online business where she works with individuals globally to create vibrant health and a life they love.