Foraging for Everyone: Foraging 101

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Hello, fellow Dabblers. Are you interested in nature and learning more about it? Come join our introductory foraging class as we guide and provide resources for budding foragers, to discover the bounty of food and resources all around you. No prior experience is required.

The knowledge you gain will be both practical and useful anywhere wild plants grow. You will be provided with our own Identification guide for wild plants, as well as baggies will be provided for gathering foraged items.

A foraged or harvested gift is provided to each student at the end of class.

Within reason, we forage in all weather including rain and snow.

What you can expect from this experience:

What to Bring

Water (stay hydrated!), Backpack, Additional Bags (Plastic or Paper), Plastic Container, Pocket Knife, Garden Gloves, Garden Shovel.

Minimum age

All ages welcome


ATTENTION NOTICE: You must inform your instructor if you are pregnant, disabled or have any sort of severe allergic reactions. Please bring any and all medications you may feel are necessary for your health.

Bring weather appropriate attire.

What's Provided

Bags: (Plastic or Paper), Identification Guide, End of Class Gift (seeds, or other foraged goodies)

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Learning to identify wild foods
  • Sustainable and progressive harvesting
  • Toxic look-alikes
  • Must have tools of the trade
  • Flora species names
  • Recipes and uses for foraged items
Cancellation Policy
Humboldt Park Boathouse Stairs
Humboldt Park Boathouse, N Sacramento Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622

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Hello! I grew up in a military family and moved around a lot. This afforded me the opportunity to see many interesting things and the wide palette of people's personalities and cultures; even within our own nation. I moved out at 16 and made my way into the world.

My background includes teaching in various forms such as Boy Scouts, ROTC, tutoring person to person and online. Teaching and early childhood education has helped to render a foundation for a lifelong career in a field that is self-consistent.

Personal hobbies of mine include bryology, multimedia design & development, foraging and being a maker. My interests include nanotechnology, biology, natural energy, quantum physics, 3D printing, prosthetics, M Cell, bio-engineering, cybernetics, global solutions and social engineering.

I have always been passionate about teaching and done so in one form or another!


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    Sheila S.
    Reviewed on 11/05/17

    Great class and I learned a lot. I would like to take the class again but in the spring or summer.

    Great class and I learned a lot. I would like to take the class again but in the spring or summer.

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