Making Glass Beads

with John Landin

Glass Lampworking Classes in Chicago


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Like to play with fire? Make your own jewelry and accessories? Come learn how to melt glass at a torch and form it on a mandrel to create beautiful beads.

To start, safety and equipment in the shop will be covered. After watching demos on making a bead and decorations you will have the rest of the class to work. This is a great workshop for anyone interested in hot glass or beaded jewelry.

These skills will be a perfect base for work in beads and sculpture work. All materials included in the cost of the class.


John Landin has been working with glass for over 7 years. He is an avid Chicago lover and has been living in the city for 8 years. He has a Masters in Chemistry, and has been teaching glass classes for many years, including developing the Blown Ornaments Workshops at Lillstreet Art Center. He loves the experimentation in both the science field, and glass. While he loves making beads, he also enjoys small sculpture work and finding creative new projects that involve glass, such as LED lighting. He has started his own studio with his partner, Elektra Musich, and they hope to share the love of glass with new students, and meet others as interested in glass as they are.

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