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Photography is painting with light, and in this class, Dabblers will learn how to wield that light. Dabblers will learn to pair strobe lights with their fancy new digital camera. No previous lighting experience necessary. This class is a good place to start on lighting, whether you’re a novice, serious hobbyist or professional.

If you are comfortable with photography and your camera, the next step is to learn more about controlling your light. The instructor will cover the basic foundation of strobe lights, what they are, how they work, how to build them, how to connect them, and show you how to properly use them to take your first studio style portrait.

Dabbers will walk away comfortable with lighting equipment, well lit and in focus portraits - all handy knowledge in any lighting situation. They'll even get hands-on experience with a model. Students will be able to make better images by taking over, controlling and painting with light. And to top it off, everyone will go home with their first professionally lit studio photograph.

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A Columbia College grad, alBerto has over 20 years of photography experience, shooting professional portraits, fashion and food. This Chicagoan has worked at Chicago Tribune, RedEye, Extra, HOY, Café Magazine and other media companies. Recently he won a Peter Lisagor Awards for Exemplary Journalism in Chicago for his Latino Fashion week spread. He takes great pride in his knowledgeable and very approachable teaching style.


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{"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Dabble Student","created_at":"over 7 years","title_link":"","positive":true,"review_content":"Perfect amount of information. Just what my brain could handle. I really feel like I got a great intro to lighting and I feel much less intimidated.","teacher_response":null}

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