Concrete Planters

with Morgan Martinson

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Learn how to make beautiful concrete planters by re-using plastic containers.

We'll go over the basics of casting concrete. You'll choose your mix and which containers you'd like to use. You can bring your own containers or use some that I'll have on hand. You'll leave with two of your own planters and the confidence to make more!

You'll enjoy this class if you like re-using waste material, you like to garden, you like to work with your hands, or if you like handmade things in your home.

BYO event.
Warning to those with allergies-- cats present.

What to bring

Your own containers, if you wish. For mold-making, we use two containers per planter-- one for the outside of the pot and one for the inside.

What will be provided

Aprons, concrete, aggregate, and plastic containers.

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    Chelsea C.

    Left about 20 hours ago

    This was a really relaxed and fun experience! Recommended. I was able to stick a knife for all three throws we learned. Felt like hanging out with buds, drinking some beers and having fun. Thanks!

  • Default_user_photo

    Dhaea K.

    Left 2 days ago

    Had a blast during this class! Good instruction and lots of time to practice. I think I found a new hobby!

    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Steph L.","created_at":"7 days","title_link":"<a href='/courses/knife-throwing-101-with-morgan-martinson'> Knife Throwing 101 </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"Once I got the rhythm of it, I was throwing knives like I was Black Mamba. Yup, feeling pretty awesome right now","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Louis S.","created_at":"7 days","title_link":"<a href='/courses/knife-throwing-101-with-morgan-martinson'> Knife Throwing 101 </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"Class was awesome! I learned 3 throws. The instructors were great. The solid, beautiful sound of a knife plunking into a wood target still resonates in my mind. I'm off hunting wild boar and grisly bear with the swiss army knife I got for Christmas. Wish me luck!","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Kelly M.","created_at":"28 days","title_link":"<a href='/courses/knife-throwing-101-with-morgan-martinson'> Knife Throwing 101 </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"The class was great! Morgan was awesome instructor, learned 3 different throwing techniques, and just had a lot of fun. I'd definitely take it again.","teacher_response":null}

    Morgan is a DIYer, artist, and shop owner with over ten years experience in architecture. In 2009, she started "Night on the Make," a friend craft group that has over 24 nights of successful making-- including screenprinting, tie-dye tights, terrariums, and more. She's part of the SMALL Manufacturing Alliance, community organizations, and she likes to design and collaborate as much as possible.

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