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We're not sure what's most exciting about the DIY boom that's sweeping the nation. Maybe it's the heaps of money we can save by forgoing store bought items. Maybe it's the fact that each project tackled teaches us a new skill that we can carry in our toolboxes for future endeavors. Maybe it's the sense of accomplishment that comes with knowing you worked hard to do something yourself and, by god, does your finished product look damn good. Maybe it's all three.

Sewing is one of the most common skills needed to tackle DIY projects, and what better way to learn than by jumping into it and making your own project that you can take home. Once you've mastered the art of sewing, you'll be surprised at just how much you can create on a regular basis.

In this Dabble class, encouraged for people with little to no previous sewing experience, students will learn the fundamentals of sewing. Instruction will begin by teaching students how to load and thread the bobbin, and will continue on through the process of measuring and ripping fabric, maneuvering the sewing machine, and even touch base on how to troubleshoot for common beginner mistakes. At the end of the class students will have a completed project that they can take home with them, show off to friends, and pin on Pinterest boards.

Students need not bring anything with them - sewing tools, materials and machines are included. If you have a specific machine that you would like to practice on, however, bring 'er along!

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After spending the better part of a decade in Chicago and several years in social work and continuing education, Lindsay Wyrembelski decided to follow her crafting passion and community focus by opening The Sewing Maniac, a studio space that teaches public classes, private sewing parties, and community sewing events. Her desire to give back to the community is a personal and professional priority for Lindsay, who, through The Sewing Maniac, is able to meld personal passions (sewing, of course!) and professional outreach by creating a community of crafters. Lindsay enjoys teaching and seeing others not only complete projects but come away with ideas for making it their own.

19 Have Dabbled