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"I would use Twitter but I have nothing interesting to say."

Be Interesting on Twitter is NOT about accumulating mass followers or selling products, or what buttons to press to use this social networking tool. The focus of this Dabble class is how to become a more captivating short-form writer. Students can expect to walk away with a clearer understanding of how to cultivate your Twitter voice, engage followers, and most importantly ... say things on Twitter that are response-worthy, follow-worthy, and just downright interesting!

This Dabble class is dedicated to helping aspiring Twitter users develop their own unique styles and methodologies for becoming active Twitter users. The class will be beneficial to novices and heavy users, as it ultimately is intended to improve everyone's writing when communicating in short-form.

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Len Kendall is a graduate of the Second City's comedy writing program, a very active Twitter user and a professional in the communications industry. He's too humble to disclose in this bio himself, but Dabble copyeditors would also like to add that he has over 11K loyal Twitter followers. Who better to teach a class on how to engage in Twitter than a funny, well-connected guy who loves to talk and gets results? (Maybe Justin Beiber, but he was "unavailable for response" due to "world tour preparations." It's okay, Beibs. Next time.)

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