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Just as your car requires routine maintenance every umpteen miles, so, too, does your bike. Simple annoyances like deflating tires, squeaky chains and clunky gears start small ... but have the potential to cost you a pretty penny if they go ignored long enough.

This Dabble class is an easy, breezy bicycle care workshop. We'll learn about the different components of routine bike maintenance that will keep your wheels in great shape. Get the 101 run-down on fixing a flat tire, learn how to lube a rusty chain, and so on and so forth. Our goal, here, is to teach novice (or well versed) bike riders a thing or two about home bike maintenance, and help determine which fixes are DIY and which require the assistance of the bike shop pros.

This class is BYOB (That's bring your own bike, not booze. Let's keep it BUI free, okay?) and we'll learn through practice ... which means we'll be expecting copies of the thank you cards you'll get from your bikes now that you've got them ready for summer!

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Scott Taylor has been tinkering with bikes for about 12 years, and 8 years ago he turned his hobby into his job by opening up his own bicycle shop: Salvagetti. There's no greater joy for Scott than turning ordinary commuter-people into bike lovers and gear heads. He believes that the demystification of moving parts is one of the best ways to like almost anything, and he's eager to share that enthusiasm

8 Have Dabbled