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This is a workshop in Design Thinking (aka Human-Centered Design). This is the process we use at EffectiveUI to create software that really works for people, but the process isn't just for software--it can be used to tackle some of the world's toughest problems. For this class we'll tackle a design problem and creating solutions in a mobile app.

In this class, you’ll be doing hands-on activities all day. In the morning, we’ll give you a design challenge to solve. It will involve bike rentals and a mobile website. We can’t give away the full challenge just yet, but trust us, it will be fun to work on.

You'll be doing research, synthesizing your finding, then moving into rapid prototyping. No coding involved! These prototypes will be sketches. Then you'll do quick user feedback loops to improve your designs. We'll give you tips on all of these along the way.

We’ll wrap up the day by talking about all the techniques you just used--user research, rapid prototyping, user feedback—and how you could apply those to your own work. And if people are up for it, we might just wander over to one of the nearby drinking establishments to continue the conversation. Not sure you're the right fit? Past attendees have included UXers, developers, researchers, people looking to make a career transition, and all sorts of other curious folks--this a class for anyone with interest.

Materials to bring

To fully participate in the research, you’ll want to be prepared to spend about $10 on a Citi Bike rental. You can still participate if the biking part doesn’t work for you, but you’ll get a lot more out of the class if you do.

What will be provided

We'll feed you lunch and provide all of the materials you need to participate in the class.

Student Reviews

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    Wendy W.
    Design Thinking Day

    Was great to have the opportunity to have hands-on experience and brainstorming with a group of creatives with different backgrounds. Overall, a terrific exercise in ideation and rapid prototyping individually and as a team.

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    Dan C.
    Design Thinking Day

    This class was excellent. The pace was great the teacher was clear, helpful and inspiring. I will definitely use the techniques I learned in this class.

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Julia Barrett

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Beth got into web design and UX in the wild & wooly late 90s in San Francisco. After creating approximately 10 million wireframes, she's found that she's especially interested in helping groups and organizations who want to do better in collaboration and innovation, using methods like Design Thinking.