Beekeeping: Advanced Techniques

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This class is focused on getting your hands on experience in the hive. If you already have an in-depth understanding of how a hive and are familiar with the basics of beekeeping, the advanced class will help you get experience with working in a hive. Some of the key things we will discuss are the main things you want to look for when you are checking a hive and how to fix any problems that might arise, such as diseases, requeening and swarm prevention. 

The class will be 30 minutes of lecture in the beginning of class and then two hours of working in the hives. Protective clothing is provided but it is helpful if you wear lighter colored clothes, jeans, longer socks that can be pulled over your jeans and closed toed shoes. 

Key topics that will be discussed are:

- Splitting a hive 
- Swarm Prevention 
- Disease Managment 
- Requeening a hive 
- How to harvest honey 
- Seasonal beekeeping activities 

There will a handout for reference but a notebook would be helpful for extra notes.

Please feel free to email me with any additional questions


I highly suggest taking my first class, Intro to beekeeping before taking the more advanced class. If you have worked in a hive before or have an in-depth understanding about beekeeping then this class would be good for you. If you have any questions about if you are ready for a more advanced class please shoot me an email!

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Lauren Tackbary

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Lauren lives in Berkeley, CA and has hives in her backyard. She is active in sustainability practices and is an avid organic gardener. She has been beekeeping for 8 years, starting in Chicago and then moving her bees to California. She is passionate about helping other people learn how to keep bees.

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