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T.I.G. stands for Tungsten inert gas welding, also called GTAW. It is a nimble, precise, and slow way to join a very broad variety of metals including aluminum, mild steel, chrome-alloy, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and reactive metals like titanium.

TIG welding of aluminum is difficult and it requires practice and patience to master. This class will make a technical and difficult subject as easy as possible and greatly accelerate your process.

This is a small class of four persons Max. The bulk of the class time will be spent welding on mild steel and aluminum.

This class will show you how to weld aluminum with a T.I.G. welding machine. This is a very demanding process. We will demonstrate and discuss the process. You will spend the bulk of your time welding aluminum. We will also spend some time with Steel, but it is less demanding and we will spend accordingly less time with it.

We can provide access to instructional videos we have produced on this subject upon request so that you can review the material at will. These will be available through our patreon account.

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Rusty Oliver

Proprietor & “Chief Executive Lunatic” of the HazardFactory where all kinds of crazy and slightly dangerous things go on. He hosts Power Tool Drag Races as well as a sport he invented called Flaming Tetherball.

Rusty is an artist and instructor with twenty years of professional welding experience. He is certified for Structural Unlimited welding, and runs a high-end fabrication business. Rusty welds and works every conventional metal and has taught casting, machining, blacksmithing, electronics and foundry-work. Rusty has taught hundreds of students, including adults and youth. His students recommend him for his ability to explain how to make professional welds quickly and effortlessly. Rusty has instructed at the Coyote School students, Pratt Fine Arts Center, and South Seattle Community College and his own fully equipped 2200 sq ft sculptural metalworking facility, HazardFactory.

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