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Top 4 reasons you thought the number 365 was important (but were wrong):

1. Number of days it takes for the earth to rotate fully around the sun – WRONG. It takes the earth approximately 365.25 days. You should have paid better attention in 4th grade science class.
2. Your Birthday. So many other people have that birthday. It’s just not that rare.
3. Divisible by 5. Were you paying so much attention in 4th grade math that you forgot to pay attention in science class?
4. 365 brand products – the only thing you can afford at Whole Foods. WRONG AGAIN. The free samples are way more affordable.
The correct answer?

365 is the number of days you can ride your bike in Chicago. This class will cover all of the important things your 4th grade teachers left out about using a bike through all four seasons in this wonderfully warm, cold, hot, windy, snowy, sunny and rainy city. Dabblers will explore how to find the right bike, how to take care of it, and“the art of gear” for winter riding. Dabblers will also ride away with tips on how to ride safely and efficiently, including how to carry groceries and other items.

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Dan's a true Dabbler and is offering two Dabble classes: Tips for Couples and Bike Chi 365. Since he graduated from Northwestern University 15 years ago, Dan Becco has been a therapist in private practice, helping hundreds of people and couples who are looking for some type of change in their lives and relationships. He is dedicated to empowering people from all different ethnic, spiritual, socioeconomic and age backgrounds to create a life they love. Dan has also been biking 365.25 days a year for 14 years in Chicago... and counting. Throughout this time, he has learned valuable tips and tricks, purchased countless useful (and useless) gear, and has assembled a bible’s worth of knowledge for eager cyclists.

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