Crowdsourcing: Modern Day Barn Raising

with Dan Becco

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Remember your childhood: the days before cellphones, before this humongous virtual world we call the Internet, even before Jellies were the freshest shoe you could find. The days when your family was constructing a second barn to replace the first that burned down after your cousin forgot to blow out the candles in the feed room. It was OK, though, ‘cause it was kind of like a party. All the other pioneers came over, enjoyed some slightly fermented hot apple cider and offered their help in raising the barn. Oh, the good ol’ days when we pooled our resources for projects bigger than we could handle alone.

Well, today should be no different. There are still many reasons to rely on each other. Brainstorming, networking, collaboration, crowdsourcing… these are all things wired into us. Dabblers should come with challenges, problems, and projects in progress for an opportunity to tap into the collective consciousness. Expect to share ideas, jump over hurdles, connect with contacts, borrow and trade services and skills and take many notes in the process. Crowdsourcing is Dabblers' chance to dabble in each others’ projects and work together towards a better final product.

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As a Psychologist (and Master Trouble Shooter), Dan Becco has seen a wide variety of adults who have sought some type of change in their life. This change may relate to how they feel about things, their relationships, their physical and psychological health, their professional lives or their families. Associated problems could include "feeling stuck,” stress, loss, or trouble getting what they want in life.

Dan has been providing therapy to adults, couples and families in the Chicago area for over 15 years. He has worked with a wide variety of individuals from different ethnic, spiritual, socioeconomic and age backgrounds, as well as individual men, women, couples (married and not married), parents and their children with many different life transition difficulties.

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