Live "Now" and Prosper

with Dan Becco

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What Dr. Spock really meant when he said “live Iong and prosper” we will never truly know. Perhaps it was to own like 20 starfleets, or to retire on a supernova, or maybe to finally launch his professional ear and eyebrow modeling career.

Point is, we all have our own way of defining what we want out of life. And while the Dr. has ordered us to live long, life is too short to save all that prospering for later.

In this class Dabblers will run through a few exercises to begin crafting a vision of what prosperity - be it income generation, abundance in recreation, meaningful spirituality or otherwise - means to them. Time and structure will be provided to break down life visions into specific goals and action steps. The class will help Dabblers reflect on how they are currently spending their time, come up with a strategy to increase life satisfaction, and build in accountability to push change in a productive way. Dabblers will walk away with some intergalactic tools to help them live now and prosper.

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Since he graduated from Northwestern University 15 years ago, Dan Becco has been a therapist in private practice, helping hundreds of people and couples who are looking for some type of change in their lives and relationships. He is dedicated to empowering people from all different ethnic, spiritual, socioeconomic and age backgrounds to create a life they love.

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