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If you a searching for a workout that gives you the most muscle tone and fat burning possible from a workout, while still keeping your body resilient and injury-free, it's time to learn Russian-style Kettlebell.

What are some of the unique benefits of kettlebell training?

- Time-saving workouts; spend less than two hours a week total training.

- Revs up your metabolism so that you become a fat-burning machine.

- Firms and tones your entire body with lean muscle (not bulk).

- Doubles as cardio workouts so that you do not need to spend time on treadmills or ellipticals.

In the first part of this workshop, the key movements of kettlebell training will be taught, including a swing, deadlift, squat, and loaded carries. The final part of the evening will put everything together into a fat blasting and muscle toning workout!

All told, the goal is to 1) expand your knowledge of how to effectively & safely do strength training, 2) give you the confidence and excitement to incorporate kettlebell into your regular workouts, and 3) have a bit of fun (and maybe a few laughs) in the process! 

What's Provided

Kettlebells, towels, and positive energy!

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For the past five years, Daniel has run a kettlebell training business, where he teaches everyday people how to (very effectively) pick up heavy things and put them back on the ground.

In the process, people transform their bodies by melting body fat, sculpting their physique through added muscle, and becoming wonderfully strong human beings.

But the part Daniel enjoys most is watching people heighten their confidence, build tons of energy, and have a greater zeal for life.

For nearly six years, Daniel has been an avid student of strength training, having become a certified kettlebell instructor in 2011, attended countless workshops and courses run by StrongFirst, and personally trained over 200 students.

Daniel is connoisseur of pizza and great music. He was also once a lawyer.

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