Weight Training for Women

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Have you ever said “I exercise, but my body still looks the same?”

If you’re like most women, you’ve tried to improve your physique with different activities. Despite the hard work, when you look in the mirror, your body hasn’t changed much. Frustration is understandable: you’re putting in effort, but results aren’t coming.

The key to success that most women are not taught is proper and consistent strength training. To begin, this class will address concerns women have surrounding lifting weights, such as how to avoid "getting bulky" and how heavy of a weight you should use.

Then, strength training techniques will be taught for how to achieve the best body in the shortest amount of time. Specifically, I will teach you the basics of the powerful system of weight training known as Russian Kettlebell, including a goblet squat, deadlift, swing, and few other key movements. The class is designed to be one part instruction, one part hands-on workout.

By the end of this class you'll have learned the basics of strength training so that you can sculpt your physique, melt fat, and learn how to approach lifting weights to maximize its benefits for your body.

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    Marilyn E.
    Weight Training for Women

    Daniel is an excellent instructor. The class was small with a lot of feedback to ensure correct movement and safety. Challenging but fun. Daniel took my recent surgery into consideration and modified some of the movements to work with any limitation. I strongly recommend this class for women who want a great workout that promises excellent results in a short time.

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    Yesenia B.
    Weight Training for Women

    This was awesome! I often avoid heavy weights at my gym because I don’t want to bulk up and I can’t lift much anyway. Well, I was wrong on both accounts. Daniel does a great job of educating you on what you should do as you train and that you can lift heavy weights without bulking up. Every girl in our Dabble was lifting heavy weights and having a blast! I was able to take everything I learned and apply it to my workout schedule. I’m picking up kettlebells and free weights and feeling strong!

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Daniel Lona

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For the past five years, Daniel has run a kettlebell training business, where he teaches everyday people how to (very effectively) pick up heavy things and put them back on the ground. In the process, people transform their bodies by melting bodyfat, sculpting their physique through added muscle, and becoming wonderfully strong human beings. But the part Daniel enjoys most is watching people heighten their confidence, build tons of energy, and have a greater zeal for life. For nearly six years, Daniel has been an avid student of strength training, having become a certified kettlebell instructor in 2011, attended countless workshops and courses run by StrongFirst, and personally trained over two hundred students. Daniel is connoisseur of pizza and great music. He was also once a lawyer.

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