Knitting in Circles: Beyond the Basics

with Amy Kozy

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Knit a row.... knit a row.... knit another row.... okay, this is getting a bit dull... What else can we do?

This "advanced beginner" class will build on your basic knitting knowledge by exploring different techniques for increasing and decreasing, casting on and binding off, and even knitting in circles. This class is appropriate for people who already know how to cast on, knit (and maybe purl) a basic stitch and bind off, even if the result is a bit messy.

Bring your own skein of yarn and needles. If you bring double-pointed needles or circular needles (I suggest 16" or shorter- nothing too long!), the instructor will show you how to use them. Otherwise, we'll focus on different ways to increase, decrease, change colors, and create textures. Actual content will be tailored to the needs of the students.

Feel free to bring projects that have you stymied, or patterns that leave you confused, and the instructor will help you figure out what to do next.


Students should already know the absolute basics.

Teacher Reviews (2)
100% positive

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    Laura H.

    Left over 3 years ago

    Great for beginners. The class is long enough to get you started so you can continue at home, utilizing the worksheet and internet tutorials. It's nice to have someone watch you at first so you know if you're doing something wrong- before you complete several more rows and have to unravel everything :)

    From Teacher:

    Thank you!

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    Meredith W.

    Left over 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed the one-on-one attention and thought Ann did a great job teaching the basic stitches in knitting. It was fun to knit with a group!

    From Teacher:

    Amy, not Ann, but I won't hold it against you! teaching become easy when you have such eager students!


    Substitute teacher Amy Kozy picked up a set of knitting needles in 2004, and hasn't put them down yet. She enjoys knitting, and she enjoys teaching, and teaching others to knit is about the best way she can think of to spend a couple of hours. She prefers to work with small groups, and focus on the basics of the craft, so students can walk away from a class with the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to continue to learn on their own.

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