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Are you stuck in decision mode about your direction in life? Have you always felt there was another life path for you if only you could discover what it is? Or is your intuition telling you what your soul wants to do, but you still don't believe it or accept it?

Time to use the infinitely beautiful power of numbers and step forward on your life's path with confidence.

Together we will begin to decode your soul's desire and life path with the information encoded in your birthdate and birthname. Using simple numerology techniques, you will determine your most important numbers and receive detailed information on their meanings. With this you can begin to understand the reasons why you are here on Earth at this time and what your numbers mean in your life.

We will:
- Take a brief look at why we ignore our intuitive voice
- Start to realize the power of ourselves
- Learn why it's so very important to follow our hearts
- Determine our BirthPath and Heart's Desires numbers and receive information on them

This is a fun method of self-discovery that holds information that you can refer to for the rest of your life.

Bring pen and paper for notes, and a calculator, unless you're already a whiz at math.

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Mimi Broihier has been devoted to spiritual self-development for the past ten years. After 15 years in the advertising, media and marketing world, she developed an insatiable desire to devour every book, seminar, podcast and speaker series on all topics spiritual that she could get her hands on. She has studied meditation at Shambhala in the mountains of Colorado and learned an energy healing modality in Los Angeles, both part of a long journey to discover her own elusive soul's desire. Now she helps others discover their own life paths and desires with greater speed utilizing fun and engaging methods like numerology.

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