Fire by Friction

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This is a must have skill for anyone seeking to be self-reliant!

This course will teach you not only how to build a fire that will start in just about any weather, but how to do it using nothing more than a few pieces of wood and some string. By the end of this course you will understand how to properly prep a fire, make a tinder birds nest, and most importantly how to spin out an ember and blow it into a raging fire.

Skills to be covered:

*The bow drill kit fundamentals
*Collecting fire material
*Forming a birds nest
*Prepping the fire
*Using the kit to spin an ember
*Blowing an ember into a flame

Come learn the amazing skill that is sure to impress anyone - yourself included! After all, you will have just created...FIRE!

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All ages welcome

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Robert is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast with over 10 years of experience teaching outdoor skills. His knowledge of the skills he teaches comes from many years of extensive research and practice. In 2007 Robert developed a Wilderness Challenge List to start putting his research and skills to the test. Challenges such as “Survive 3 days in below freezing without the aid of a sleeping bag, ground mat or tent; Break through the ice of a frozen lake or river, get out and start a fire without the aid of matches or a lighter; Hike at least 75 miles with a minimal of 5,000ft elevation change in the wilderness within 5 days” are all achievements he has marked off his list.

Robert's greatest pride is his teachings which comes from personal experience acquired during his many adventures and outdoor challenges over the years. Each of his classes not only covers what works in the outdoors, but also the many myths and misconceptions about the outdoors to watch out for. Much of his class material is not something you can find in any survival manual on the market.

Robert is also a certified snowboard instructor with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, Wilderness First Aid Certified with the National Outdoor Leadership School and CPR/AED/Blood Pathogen Certified with Starguard.

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