Crochet Home Decor Basket with Leather Handles

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Beginner friendly class on how to make your very own basket with leather handles! 

A modern take on a classic item that has been used for centuries.  A basket is more than just a random item in your home.  It is where you store your cozy knit blankets, how your child stores their favorite toys, a stylish approach to your plant's pot, to even storing your lingerie or socks! As you can tell, baskets can hold anything and everything, so why not make your own basket to fit your own needs, style, aesthetics, and vibe?

In this crochet class, you will learn basic crochet stitches and how to read a crochet pattern.  Learning to read the crochet pattern will give you the tools and skills to continue your basket outside of class and not be dependent on me.  Most importantly, you will understand how to read this pattern and any future patterns from other crochet designers. The goal of the class is to have you read the pattern and know what to do.  Additionally, within the pattern, you will have instructions on how to sew on leather handles to your basket, and the option of creating three different sizes. 

Our class is allotted for 4 hours, this duration will provide ample time to complete the small basket.  Please keep in mind, that everyone learns at different paces, and so, not everyone will leave with a completed basket.  However, you will be provided with written instructions and my e-mail in case you need further guidance.  If you do choose to create the larger sized basket, you will be able to get halfway done or little under that amount by 3 hours.

***Note*** due to the nature of the class (working with yarn and hands) i recommend you eat prior to class.  If you need to eat, please bring a light snack that will NOT leave your hands greasy, sticky, or produce crumbs that will fall on your yarn. I will provide a light snack and drinks (water, cider, etc.).

As always, as a huge thank you to all of you for being a student in my class, you will get 20% off all items in store!

What's Provided

Yarn: Grey and white Crochet written patternCrochet HooksLeatherMeasuring TapeScissors Yarn Needle

What You Can Expect
  • Make 3 different sizes
  • Sew on leather handles
  • Basic crochet stitches
  • Working in the Round
  • Read crochet written Pattern
Cancellation Policy
River North Workshop Co.
3040 Blake Street, Unit 131
Denver , CO , 80205


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River North Workshop Co.


$65 per Ticket


* Registration closes 24 hours before event

$65 per Ticket

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I am the maker and designer behind Montaño: Hand- Crafted Crochet.

After dropping off my children at School and after two cups of coffee, I spend every moment I can crocheting, teaching classes, connecting with other makers that I can, and visiting all the local yarn stores I can go to!

I have been crocheting for 9 years now, and it all began in a small military base in Italy. Through this craft, art, and therapeutic process, I have learned how to better cope with my PTSD (from my military service during my deployment).

I share this life with my husband of 9 years, our two children and our fur child Summer (2-year-old dog).

Montaño: Hand - Crafted Crochet was born in 2016 out of my desire to share my craft and build a community with like-minded makers. Some of the deepest conversations I have had, revolve around yarn and friends.

As always, have a beautiful, motivating day!



18 Have Dabbled

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