Growing Microgreens at home

with Jim Teahan

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Fitness & Wellness

Event Overview

This 75 minute class will teach you all thats needed to grow some of the best tasting microgreens around! Unless you've had these at the nicest restaruants in town, you probably don't know much about them. Learn how to do it in the convenience of your own home.

Information about microgreens state they are 2 to 40 times more nutritious than their mature parent plants. All I can tell you is that they really pack a whollop of a taste! How do you use them? In soups, salads, smoothies, added to sandwiches or hamburgers, potaotes, scrambled eggs, etc. You wont believe how delicious these are!

This class begins with a powerpoint presentation explaining the benefits of microgreens, what they are, and then how to grow them. This is followed with an actual hands on demonstration with participants so they know exactly what to do.

A pamphlet highlighting the important points given out at the conclusion of the class. 

What to Bring

iPads, iPhones, notepad, etc.

What's Provided

Handout of the highlighted points discussed in class.

What You Can Expect
  • Very healthy
  • Delicious
  • Fun to grow
  • Fun hobby
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Jim was trained and interned with Mel Bartholomew-the inventor of the square foot gardening system. He's been a certified SFG instructor for 16 years and has taught all over the intermountain west along with San Diego where he's conducted 3 day SFG symposiums. He has a blog and Facebook page dedicated to square foot gardening, has written 2 ebooks, and is passionate in his desire that everyone should have a SFG in their backyard.

You can find Jim on his blog and Facebook page-both under the same name: the wealthy earth.

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