Winter Gardening: Low Tunnel Class


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Ever wanted to trek out to the garden in early January (yes-in the snow) to pull a freshly harvested salad? This is the class where you will learn how to do it. I've been winter gardening for years in the snowy location of northern Utah and can tell you-its the best time to garden! There's very little work to do during the winter months. In this class, which is held at my home, you will learn the specific crops  that grow well in our location and when to plant them.  At this time of year there's still time to plant about 12 differnt kinds of things. The most important part is learning how to build a simple structure to protect your crops during our cold, snowy winters. Class is 90 minutes long and you'll leave with a planting schedule with crops that are easily and successfully grown.

The price of the class includes up to 5 lengths of EMT conduit being bent to provide a solid structure to protect your garden. You can purchase these at Home Depot or Lowes for about $2.50 each and bring them to class with you. The size of your gardens shouldn't be any wider than 5 feet or any longer than 20 feet. In addition to EMT, you will need to buy floating row cover and plastic. I will provide the best places to buy both of them.

Participants are strongly encouraged to bring camera's, iPhone's, iPad's, etc. to take pictures and videos of what you'll be learning. We will not be spending any time on gardening methods-just the know-how of protecting your gardens, crops to grow, and when to plant them.  Free, small brussel sprout transplant to all participants.

  1. save money
  2. eat better
  3. work less
Materials to bring

Ipads, Iphones, computers, camera's, notepad, 10' lengths of EMT if desired(up to 6 of them)

What will be provided

Planting schedule
Small kale transplant

Neighorhood House
6312 Hillside Dr.,
Salt Lake City, UT, 92886

Jim Teahan

Small square jim in winter garden

Jim has been teaching people winter gardening for years. And, he's the perfect person to learn from as he's had experience doing it for 10 years. Not only will you be learning the specific varieties of plants to grow and when to plant them, you'll learn how simple it is to eat healthy, delicious foods and save money at the same time. If self-reliance is important to you, then this is the class to take.

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