Pastry School: Puff Pastry

with Dana Cree

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November 1st, at 2:00 pm, at The Garage in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood

Join award winning pastry chef Dana Cree for her Pastry School series, in which she translates classic pastry techniques for home use. This edition focuses on one of the most terrifying recipes, for both home cooks and professionals alike; Puff Pastry.

Made of over 700 layers, puff pastry creates a magically light pastry, and the dough can be used for countless preparations, both savory and sweet. Made of just flour, butter, and water, layering this dough takes patience, a fearless heart, and a just little know how.

We will tackle this dough together, as students watch Dana demonstrate the rolling and folding process, discuss the ins and outs. The class will shape and bake the puff pastry into simple and beautiful pastries that you too can make at home, like cheese twists, curled palmiers, and arlette cookies.

Dana has recently published this topic in her Pastry School series in Lucky Peach, and is excited to extend this to a hands on class.

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all materials are provided for this class.

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After earning two James Beard nominations and the Jean Banchet award for pastry chef of the year, Dana Cree brings her knowledge out of Blackbirds restaurant into classes for the public. Well versed in both modern desserts and the classics, Dana Cree's greatest joy comes from sharing what she knows with other people. Her column on the food magazine Lucky Peach, aptly titled Pastry School, translates fundamental pastry techniques for all to enjoy. Here, Cree extends her "Pastry School" to demonstration style classes for the community of home cooks in Chicago.

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