Adult Hip Hop 1

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No experience necessary. Learn the basics of the Hip Hop technique, experience great music and enjoy a challenge. This class breaks down the origins of the technique as you learn skills in house, hip-hop, popping and locking and even breaking. This class is a great way to let loose, get fit and learn new skills. Comfortable clothing required and clean gym shoes.

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    Mal P.
    Adult Hip Hop 1

    Over I had a fairly positive experience because well, who doesn't like to dance!?
    We had a fill in teacher who made moves up as he went which kind of bummed me out because they were moves, not a routine or dance that went together. We also didn't listen to hip hop! We listened to like, I don't even know, 90s adult pop or something equally as silly.
    I was really excited about dancing to hip hop....until we weren't. That could be because of the short notice on needing replacement teacher? The normal teacher was out sick.
    If you drive get there at least 15-20 minutes early because you'll also have to register when you get in. And by register I mean be questioned if you even belong there....I ended up having to find my email receipt to prove that I paid :/
    I may take this class again in hopes of getting the actual teacher to give it another whirl. The teacher we had was clearly a talented dancer, just maybe wasn't prepared? He was nice and I had fun it just wasn't what I expected.

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