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Each seat in this class purchases a 30 minute session to make a glass ornament. I will show you how I make a glass ornament, then you will choose your colors and design. Next, we go over a few basic safety rules and I will help you sculpt your beauteous sun-catching ornament, which can be kept for holidays or enjoyed all year. All glass projects must cool off in the kiln (up to 36 hours) before they are ready for pick up (free); you may also arrange for delivery or shipping for an extra fee ($15).

If time allows, and it often does, I will help you make a second or even third ornament in your 30 minute time slot. 

Students also have the option of booking a Exclusive 2 Hour Private Lesson in Glassblowing here: Don't see the date you want? Want to host a Private Event? For this and all other inquiries, scroll down or click here and use the SEND MESSAGE button. 




Q: What are you doing to keep us safe from COVID-19?

A: Nobody puts their mouth on the tools anymore to blow up the glass. We use a hose with disposable mouth pieces sometimes, but more often we use a little hand pump instead. I am offreing the option to make a paperweight-sized solid pumpkin that does not need to be inflated at all. Wearing gloves is not recommended for this activity. Handwashing station, wash room, water bottles, and hand sanitizer are all provided. All tools and heavily used surfaces are cleaned and disinfected between each student and regularly throughout the day. ***All students must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or show negative rapid test results within 72 hours before class start time.*** Masks are worn in the studio and social distancing is practiced. Just like in a restaurant, we ask that you arrive masked, and you may remove your mask once you are to your assigned work area; if you are comfortable to do so. I wear a mask when teaching. There may or may not be other people working in the studio at the same time, but we each have our own areas. Due to the nature of glassblowing the entire building is heavily ventilated. 


Q: What should I wear ?

A: Everyone must wear closed-toe shoes. It is extremely recommended that you wear natural fiber clothing, such as cotton or linen. Most people wear jeans and a t-shirt, or similar. Polyester and Acrylic outfits are not recommended. Long hair will need to be pulled back. We sell good looking cotton tshirts and there is a washroom where you can change. Contact lenses are not recommended for this activity because of the threat of dust getting stuck behind them. If you wear glasses, that is enough eye protection for this activity. I provide clear plastic safety glasses to everyone else. Keep in mind, the studio is drafty because of the ventilation. You may want to wear or bring a long sleeved shirt if you run cold.


Q: Is it BYOB?

A: Some people bring snacks or a beverage to enjoy responsibly during or towards the end of their session. We have a fridge. 


Q: How many people will be in the class?

A: I usually book these classes privately for each group. Meaning, if you sign up by yourself, you'll have a private lesson; if you sign up with a group, I'll book you guys as a private group and you can show up for each other's time slots and help each other.


Q: How does it work? Does everybody work at the same time?

A: Each person will take a turn making their project and usually only 1 person can make their project at a time. It usually takes about 25 minutes to make each project, with some time for set up and water breaks in between. Usually, each person takes a turn (or turns) making projects until the time is over. I'll make sure each person will get at least one turn. While students are not making their projects, they may help or observe our group, take a gander at the glass art for sale, or there may be other artists in the studio to watch as well. (If you book a private event, we can have 2, 3, or 4 people making projects at one time. We can even "piggyback" the order so that we can acommodate groups of 50+ people in roughly 2.5 hours at a private event---depending on COVID-19 restrictions)


Q: Can I give this as a gift?

A: Yes. You can sign up and then schedule later by sending me a message. I'll provide you with a private link. If you'd like I'll send you a digital or actual gift certificate for presentation.


Q: Are there restrictions?

A: Everyone will need to sign a waiver. Anyone under 18 will need to be acommpanied by a guardian to sign their waiver. Everyone will be expected to follow simple safety rules. (Don't touch this, don't walk backwards, etc) Please send me a message to let me know you are bringing minors. Otherwise, I am completely accomodating to all different limitations and abilities. We are a "all are welcome" space, so just shoot me a message if you want me to know ahead of time that you might need any acommodations.


Q: When does registration for this class close?

A: The registration for each class closes 24 hours before it's start time. If you wish to schedule after that time, please send me a message, and I will gladly accomodate your request. This allows me to ensure that the equipment is on and ready.


Q: Can I bring a friend? 

A: I very much prefer each student to be registered at least 24 hours before the start time of their session. If that did not happen and you want to bring someone, that's OK, we can get them registered when they show up. If your friend just wants to watch, that's OK too. It is helpful if you give me some kind of message to let me know either way.


Q: Will this class be cancelled due to unfilled enrollment?

A: No. The minimum for this class is 1. So, if you sign up and pay for it, you do not need to worry about it being cancelled on you for this reason.

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Rosey Merkin is a Glass Artist and Teacher in Chicagoland. With 15+ years of experience, Rosey has worked in schools, public, and private studios. She does not just make Art and teach people how to make Art. She takes on roles similar to construction workers or therapists. Most people do not realize Glass Artists build and maintain their equipment, tools, ovens, and furnaces. There is an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes work that goes into helping people enjoy working with molten glass.


I'm an Independent Artist and my classes occur at various locations in Chicago and Chicagoland. Most of my hot glass classes happen in the East Garfield Park Neighborhood or the Humboldt Park Neighborhood. Both locations are near the highway with ample parking and near public transportation. Since I do not work for my venues, and since some of my venues are also residential, the exact location of the class will be messaged to you within 24 hours of the actual class time. If you need to check about the location beforehand, just call or send a message with the day and time you are interested in.