FIZZ OUT! Healing at Home with Kombucha

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Drinking and making Kombucha (fermented probiotic tea) is a wonderful Winter time activity. It is an enjoyable and restorative activity that promotes health during a time where fresh and varied produce is scarce. This workshop will provide attendees with a basic understanding of the 1) history of the fermentation of tea, 2) biological structure of the SCOBY culture used in the process, and 3) nutritional benefits of this vitamin rich and probiotic beverage.

Or presenter, Rachel Dennis, emphasizes low cost alternatives to expensive fermentation supplies and demonstrate how high quality, organic, and highly customizable Kombucha can be made for less than $10 a month and with a $20 (or less) total startup cost. She will also discuss the importance of homemade over commercial Kombucha and demonstrate ways to modify batches to help relieve symptoms of allergies, colds, anxiety and fatigue. Samples provided during this workshop will demonstrate these medicinal blends.

Rachel Dennis is a native Chicagoan who works to engage and facilitate good health, peer education, and accessibility in her local community. She was introduced to Kombucha 7 years ago and has been passionately working on her own concoctions for 3 years. Rachel also runs the “Chicago Skill Share and Education Access” online forum that connects community members, educators, experts, and students together to promote a community of autonomous DIY self-learners.

What to Bring

Participants should bring a small, clean jar with a tight fitting lid if they are interested in taking home a SCOBY for starting their own batch, as Rachel has a limited number to distribute

What's Provided

Attendees will be introduced to all of the necessary materials needed for fermenting tea and walked through the process step by step. They will be provided with handouts to bring home with all necessary steps and information for an at-home set-up.

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Homestead Logan Square, an ongoing educational workshop series designed to empower you to take ownership of your urban landscape with workshops ranging from fermentation, canning, basic herbalism, and more. HLS is a collaboration between neighboring Logan Square Co-ops Five Point Holistic Health and Dill Pickle Food Co-op. Visit for more information.

19 Have Dabbled

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