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Often it is an interview that stands between you and the job you want. Having it all on paper doesn’t mean you will be hired. This Dabble class is suited for all job seekers; during this 3 hour of this interactive workshop you will learn the latest tricks on how to sell yourself without being too obvious.

Using the latest concepts of emotional intelligence and interpersonal psychological experience, you will be controlling your next interview, you will communicate the messages you want and be ready to answer those difficult questions. You will walk away recharged to take the interviewing process head on. With a new-found sense of accomplishment about your skill set and your new ability to sell yourself, you will get the job of your dreams at your nest interview.

Learn how to overcome nervousness, how body language can influence the decision making process, how to control the interview, and how to present the best version of yourself?

It’s often not the person who’s best at the job who gets the job — it’s the person who is best at getting the job who gets it.

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80% positive

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    Christina Z.

    Left 7 months ago

    Great class with insights into the personal psychology of acing an interview. The teacher was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The one thing that was a little different: The class takes place at an IT/Project Management/Quality Assurance school, and all people attending the workshop other than me were students from that school -- so it was a little weird being in a group of people who were all aiming for finding a job in a different industry than I was. Still, I'm glad I went and left with some good takeaways.

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    Nida M.

    Left 8 months ago

    Well structured class , making professionals instrumental in interview skills
    This class helped professionals to stay in a confident and relax state of mind while being interviewed and also it did talk about a lot of myths that are the main reason why people become more nervous .
    All in all this class boosted the confidence of people and prepared them by giving tips to set their goals and achieve them.

    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Anthony P.","created_at":"8 months","title_link":"<strong>Secrets to Getting the Job You Want</strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Very helpful class. The material covered and the interaction will help me with my upcoming job interviews.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Vanessa V.","created_at":"11 months","title_link":"<strong>Secrets to Getting the Job You Want</strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Extremely valuable info! This class was exactly what I needed to rejevenate me in my job search.\r\nInstructor was committed and provided individual feedback. She encouraged partcipation to make sure each attendant would gain something valuable, Being forced to think creatively about my applicable skills absolutely prepared me to face a new round of interviews.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Lynn S.","created_at":"about 1 year","title_link":"<strong>Secrets to Getting the Job You Want</strong>","positive":false,"review_content":"Though the powerpoint slides were helpful (and we got a copy of them at the workshop), the instructor was too abrasive and confrontational for my taste, unfortunately. Definitely do the homework sent out ahead of the workshop, and be prepared to present yourself in front of the class based on that homework! Also the class seemed to be geared very heavily towards the corporate world, which I didn't realize going into it.","teacher_response":null}

    Other Teacher Reviews (8)
    100% positive

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      Meghan C.

      Left 6 months ago

      I came into this class with some experience from the job I am currently in. The instructor for this course did a good job of trying to cover overall, general project management thought-process and practices. It is helpful if you are interested in the department or want to be more familiar with the terminology.

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      Jasmine K.

      Left 9 months ago

      The teacher was really good at helping people applying their situations to project management. The class moves quickly but it time also goes by quickly. Despite my informal work exprience with project management,I felt a lot more equipped and confident about my current skills and areas to grow.

      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Matt M.","created_at":"11 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/fundamentals-of-project-management-with-forte-knowledge'> Fundamentals of Project Management </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"Great class! Teacher has lots of knowledge to share and covered quite a bit in only a short amount of time. She even provided food, which was much appreciated by all! I would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn some ins and outs of Project Management.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Katrina W.","created_at":"11 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/fundamentals-of-project-management-with-forte-knowledge'> Fundamentals of Project Management </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"I liked this class. I work in higher ed, so I was not familiar with, nor do I have, any \"formal\" project management experience/training. The class was full of people who were in IT, different types of firms ... definitely corporate/private sector jobs. So for about a second I was concerned, but soon realized that I would benefit from the class. The instructor does move quickly, but once I was in the groove, I was able to keep up with the quick pace. \r\n\r\nThe instructor is direct and can come off as a bit gruff, but I don't think she is actually harsh or mean. I think she is just a direct person who is task oriented .... I mean she IS teaching a project management class after all. She answered questions and stayed behind to talk to people who wanted to discuss things one-on-one with her. She is knowledgeable and I think genuinely likes teaching and helping others out. Just be prepared for a person who is ready to get the business at hand done, and less of a fuzzy, warm, hearts and rainbows type of teacher.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Daniel S.","created_at":"11 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/fundamentals-of-project-management-with-forte-knowledge'> Fundamentals of Project Management </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"A great baseline class for PM. Covered a broad range of topics with just enough detail to give me some things to look up on my own. Drinks and sandwhiches were provided as well as some resources to get started practicing some PM skills. Overall great class, would recommend to anyone looking to get a general overview of Project Management","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Melanie B.","created_at":"11 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/fundamentals-of-project-management-with-forte-knowledge'> Fundamentals of Project Management </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"I really liked this seminar! I felt like it was very hands-on and structured to make sure that all of the individuals in the class got a little bit of what they came to hear. The instructor was able to frame her talking points in a bunch of different ways so that we could all understand them regardless of what our personal backgrounds were. For a subject that could be a little dry, the time went really fast. I feel like I got what I was looking for: an intro to what project management is and the framework to be able to judge what else I still need to learn.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Kristen B.","created_at":"11 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/fundamentals-of-project-management-with-forte-knowledge'> Fundamentals of Project Management </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"I really enjoyed this class, though I think it really helped having context for the subject matter. Since I am a project manager I was familiar with the terms and concepts already, but the class gave me perspective outside of my current role and helped me re-frame how I am approaching challenges in the projects I am working on. It was also really neat to see who is interested in project management outside of my industry.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Jonathan D.","created_at":"11 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/fundamentals-of-project-management-with-forte-knowledge'> Fundamentals of Project Management </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"Great way to learn the fundamentals of Project management. ","teacher_response":null}

      Natalya Ostrovskaya, PMP, ITIL
      Project Management Instructor
      Natalya, has a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Project Management from DePaul University. She is PMP certified by PMI since 2002. With 15 years of information systems and project management experience working for Fortune 500 companies, she helps students achieve their full potential through Interview Preparation and various Project Management classes and seminars.

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