Beer Steamed Snow Crab Legs


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 Hey crab lovers!

Sick of going out to dinner and paying for overpriced crab legs? Did you know the average restaurant will charge $66 for one and a quarter pounds of crab legs, cough cough Shaw's Crabs House...In my course not only will you learn how to steam your own crab legs in the comfort of your own home but also eat two big clusters of crab legs! Yes, there will be hot melted butter to slam dunk your perfectly cooked tender crab meat in! 

A great seasonal snack and water bottles will be provided.

All the crab cracking tools you will need are also provided.

Feel free to BYOB. nothing better than hot crabs legs and a cold brew!

So, hurry up, sign up and get your crab on. 

What will be provided

All materials are provided by the teacher

Jenny's Cozy Home
4656 North Spaulding Ave, Unit 1
Chicago, IL, 60625

Jenny Dey

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Hi! I'm Jenny. I'm originally from the eastern shore of Maryland. My passions and talents are various and constantly expanding. I like Dabbling in cooking, screen printing, painting, sewing and more! I have been teaching classes through Dabble for over a year and every class has been amazing. Hope to see you soon!