Backoff! Woman's Self Defense

with Kevin Sogor

Self Defense Classes in Chicago


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This comprehensive, short format 90 minute lesson provide a broad overview of Self Defense Techniques. It is tailored to instruct you on the fundamentals of self-defense in a one-time informative and pleasurable lesson.

The program is fast paced, and has taken the most important elements of self defense training and condensed them into an easy to learn and retain format.

The Program includes many of our most effective Self Defense techniques:
Releases from Grabs
Choke Hold Defense
Clothing Grab Defense
Defense from attacks from the rear
Defense from a push
Ground Defense
Seated Defense

If you are looking for a simple, effective, easy to learn self-defense program, this is the class for you!

Course Reviews (11)
100% positive

  • Default_user_photo

    Lynn S.

    Left over 2 years ago

    Very informative and I learned so much in one class! Kevin taught us its important to be aware of our surroundings and that we were capable of so much. I would definitely recommend this class to all my female friends.

  • Thumb_batgirl_at_work

    Trina R.

    Left over 2 years ago

    Great class, great teacher! I wish I could encourage every female in the city to take this course. Easy to learn, practical safety maneuvers. Thank you!

    {"commenter_avatar":"//","reviewer_name":"Dhaea K.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBackoff! Woman's Self Defense\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Awesome class and instructor- offered a variety of practical moves and tips. Highly recommend! ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"//","reviewer_name":"Maria M.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBackoff! Woman's Self Defense\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Great information and practical/easy application!! Remember CIRCLES no matter what. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"//","reviewer_name":"Mirjana S.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBackoff! Woman's Self Defense\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Great instructor! He is very funny while being so informative at the same time. He takes the time to explain why a move works. He also answered all of our questions about different scenarios. Definitely worth going to!","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"//","reviewer_name":"Jennifer B.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBackoff! Woman's Self Defense\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"After the class, I feel more confident about defending myself. I recommend it for anyone wanting to learn the basics.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"//","reviewer_name":"Dana P.","created_at":"almost 3 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBackoff! Woman's Self Defense\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"The class was a lot of fun, interesting, and the moves seemed to be very effective! I am very happy I took the class and would do another one like it too! The instructor was very knowledgeable and personable. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"//","reviewer_name":"Elizabeth M.","created_at":"almost 3 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBackoff! Woman's Self Defense\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"I had far more fun than I expected at a self defense class. I was concerned that I might leave terrified. Kevin does a great job of keeping things humorous and fun while teaching very important techniques and instilling a healthy awareness without making you paranoid. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"//","reviewer_name":"Dory P.","created_at":"almost 3 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBackoff! Woman's Self Defense\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Awesome class, I learned to much. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"//","reviewer_name":"Stacey A.","created_at":"about 3 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBackoff! Woman's Self Defense\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Good class - well worth the $20 and I came away with some good tips.","teacher_response":null}

    Kevin Sogor has been teaching self defense since 1980. The BACKOFF! Program has been the culmination of those 30 years of training and teaching. Mr. Sogor believes that all woman have the right to defend themselves, and the BACKOFF! Core Elements Program is a great way to learn the skills needed to be safe.

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