City Chicks: Raising Urban Chickens

with Seneca Kern

Urban Homesteading Classes in Chicago


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Have you ever wondered about having a chicken coop in the city? Wouldn't it be great to have fresh, local, and organic eggs right in your backyard? Or maybe fluffy pets that don't make too much noise?

If you have ever thought of these things this is a class for you! Come our and learn about raising chickens in the city!

WeFarm America will walk you through some of the basics for getting your own flock started in your backyard. Everything from choosing or building your coop to what to feed them and where to find all the resources + materials you need. Dabblers will leave with a host of information and maybe even get to hang out with some real layers (egg laying chickens)!


Returning to his hometown of Chicago from California, Seneca Kern has incorporated his experiences working in the community and his grandmother's garden with a love of food to co-found WeFarm America with Bill Morrisett. A social enterprise focused on self-sustainability, effective resource allocation and open source curriculum/programming, all centered around organic gardening, WeFarm looks to help re-energize the food movement with the freshest, most local and sustainable food possible: your own.
Interests include eating, exploring, dancing, teaching, learning, and cultivating plenty of food to share.

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