Make & Sip: Vertical Air Plant Garden

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Looking to change up your Monday routine? Try something new! Create a living work of art for your home while you sip craft beer and wine.

In this living craft workshop, you’ll learn all about the popular Tillandsia (air plant). You’ll learn how to care for these remarkable plants (they need a little more love than just air alone!) and receive step-by-step guidance to create a vertical air plant garden to take home. The vertical garden mounted on cork bark is eye-catching and will turn any wall into your own tropical paradise. Plants, moss, cork bark, and hardware are all included.

This is a great class for anyone who wants to get started with gardening, more seasoned gardeners interested in working with air plants, and anyone who wants to add green to their home before Fall sets in.

Our class will be held at Mr. B's Pub. Craft beer, cocktails and food will be available for purchase.

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Leelee's Garden

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Leelee is a botanical artist and the owner of Leelee's Garden. She became a master gardener in 2013 and has a background in gardening, landscape design and floral design. Leelee is passionate about all things plants and flowers, especially creating unique designs that bring the outdoors in, and sharing her love of all things botanical through workshops and private events.

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