Square Foot Gardening

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You'll be growing whats in that picture-effortlessly!  Learn how to be a successful square foot gardener.  You wont be doing any heavy digging or hard work. You wont be doing any weeding or thinning.  But you'll enjoy 100% of the harvest in 20% of the space with this all organic method of gardening.  

This class will teach you the 10 basics of the square foot gardening system-as I learned it from the inventor himself.  The class runs 75-90 minutes and you'll know exactly what to do to have the best garden you've ever had.  

We dont cover the advanced techniques of the SFG system in this class.  Topics such as vertical gardening, unique spacing, making your own compost, and early/late garden protecton are not discussed.  Those will be taught in another class if you're interested, and I hope you will be.  Its just too much information to cram into one class.  

This class is held at a neighborhood home.  If there's inclement weather, we'll go inside.  One of the great things is you get to see an actual SFG in action.  Learn how to make gardening enjoyable again.  

  1. No experience necessary
  2. All organic gardening method
  3. Use only 20% of the space normally needed to garden
  4. Eat better tasting food
Materials to bring

iPhones, iPads, notebooks, gardening gloves

What will be provided

Brochure highlight 10 basics of the SFG system

Jim Teahan

Small square jim in winter garden

Jim was trained and interned with Mel Bartholomew-the inventor of the square foot gardening system. He's been a certified SFG instructor for 16 years and has taught all over the intermountain west along with San Diego where he's conducted 3 day SFG symposiums. He has a blog and Facebook page dedicated to square foot gardening, has written 2 ebooks, and is passionate in his desire that everyone should have a SFG in their backyard.

You can find Jim on his blog and Facebook page-both under the same name: the wealthy earth.

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