Growing Microgreens At Home

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Carousel beet microgreens

This 60-minute class introduces you to growing microgreens in your home.  What are microgreens?  They are extremely dense in vital enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll that can often be harvested in less than 2 weeks. These little gems pack a punch!  Microgreens are 2-40 times the nutritional value of the parent plant.  Thre aren't many foods you can eat that are fresher.  Intensely flavored, use them to add to salads, sandwiches, soups, eggs, or just for a tasty and nutritious afternoon snack.  In an effort to keep costs down we will not be growing hydroponically but rather only in soil.  A  sunny counter-top is all you really need but we will demonstrate how to construct your own light station.  We'll talk about how to grow the most popular and easiest microgreens and how to grow them in non-conventional containers other than the standard 10X20" trays.  

What will be provided

Handout with a list of popular microgreens to grown and the scale of difficulty for each.

Jim Teahan

Small square jim in winter garden

Jim was trained and interned with Mel Bartholomew-the inventor of the square foot gardening system. He's been a certified SFG instructor for 16 years and has taught all over the intermountain west along with San Diego where he's conducted 3 day SFG symposiums. He has a blog and Facebook page dedicated to square foot gardening, has written 2 ebooks, and is passionate in his desire that everyone should have a SFG in their backyard.

You can find Jim on his blog and Facebook page-both under the same name: the wealthy earth.