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Like a mad scientist in a lair, you've been slaving tediously over your epic batch of homebrew, and at long last the time has come to reveal your creation to the world. Before you commence with snickering evilly and ominously petting your hairless cat, there's a thing or two you should know about the way you choose to package your beer.

Brewing and fermenting your beer is only part of what creates a delicious beer. Now that you've got your tasty beverage made, it's time to package it for optimal taste, mouthfeel, storage and portability. In this class, Dabblers will explore the many packaging options available to them-- from bottle conditioning to force carbonating to kegging and beyond. Dabblers will explore each method both theoretically and practically, and students will be walked through the bottling process with a batch of freshly fermented beer while exploring the pros and cons of each approach. Class will end with instruction about the importance and means of properly sanitizing to insure the highest quality beverage for weeks and months to come.

This class is great for beer enthusiasts who already do their own home brewing, or as a follow-up for students of the Brew Day class.

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Brian Buckman

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A Cicerone certified beer server, Brian Buckman has been homebrewing all-grain batches of beer for over 4 years. Originally he started brewing so he could make his favorite beers, but quickly discovered that brewing - like any art - is far more satisfying when you can create your own unique brews derived from your individual palette. Brian quickly moved from brewing all-grain in an industrial kitchen to designing and building his own brewery at home using old kegs, march pumps, weather stripping and other odds and ends. He now brews between 3-6 times per month creating all kinds of styles on as many different types of yeast strains as he can find, and is in the process of opening a nano-brewpub here in Chicago.

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