Beginner's Beer Brewing

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Like all great journeys, the path to homebrew extraordinaire starts ... at the beginning.

Fortunately for you, that beginning begins today. This Dabble class is laying both the theoretical and practical foundations for beer brewing. We'll cover everything from the six main ingredients (yeast, water, malt, hop, time & temperature), to yeast selection, to proper sanitation. Leave with all the tools and hands on experience you need to help you take that first of many steps towards brewing delicious batches of beer at home.

After you've taken the first step, you can continue to put one foot in front of the other with our All Grain Brewing class for more advanced brew techniques and Bottling and Kegging for proper ways to package your beer.

Student Reviews

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    Emily K.
    Beginner's Beer Brewing

    Brian was a fabulous teacher! He had packets with the step by step process and CDs with helpful information. We tasted, we chatted, we learned. I highly recommend this class!

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    Tuna K.
    Beginner's Beer Brewing

    This class was an absolutely great primer to the world of brewing beer at home.

    I felt like I got the knowledge required to begin to dip my toe into the world of homebrewing.

    It's a lot of information, but the instructor's handout made me feel confident enough to know what I'm doing when I begin.

    Brian kept things light, funny, and interesting, while at the same time covering all of the important factors that go into the process.

    Highly recommended!

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    Dabble Student
    Beginner's Beer Brewing

    The instructor and hands on experience. The location was very cool, also.

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Brian Buckman

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A Cicerone certified beer server, Brian Buckman has been homebrewing all-grain batches of beer for over 4 years. Originally he started brewing so he could make his favorite beers, but quickly discovered that brewing - like any art - is far more satisfying when you can create your own unique brews derived from your individual palette. Brian quickly moved from brewing all-grain in an industrial kitchen to designing and building his own brewery at home using old kegs, march pumps, weather stripping and other odds and ends. He now brews between 3-6 times per month creating all kinds of styles on as many different types of yeast strains as he can find, and is in the process of opening a nano-brewpub here in Chicago.

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