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MixxedFit® is a people-inspired fitness program that combines explosive dance movements with bodyweight toning.

  • We are people inspired. Our workouts are created and carefully crafted with you — along with 100,000+ other MixxedFit® enthusiasts — in mind. Whether it’s creating the best choreography most suitable for our students, staying 10 minutes after class to help someone, feeding the homeless on our weekends, organizing national campaigns to bring awareness to various platforms and non-profit organizations, our instructors are leaders in the communities who pride themselves on volunteering, fundraising, and making a difference in our communities beyond. the gym walls.

  • We play all genres of music and lyrics are typically in English. You will hear hits that you would hear on the radio from Top 40, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae, and everything in between.

  • Our moves are repetitive and easy to follow.  We do this so you can maximize your workouts rather than focus on complicated choreography. We want you leaving the gym dripping in sweat!

  • We incorporate bodyweight toning. You will perform effective body-weight exercises that will tone and sculpt your body.

  • Everything we do is explosive.  All of our movements are big, exaggerated, and our very best. This allows us to burn more calories.

Join us for our Monthly (75) minute class with MixxedFit Master Educator, Veronica Perez, and guest instructors throughout the city!

All proceeds for this class will go towards space rental of the Junior Dance Program during the summer!


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Veronica Perez

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MixxedFit & Commit Dance Fitness Instructor
Veronica was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina raised in Logan Square, Chicago. She has been teaching dance fitness for 5 years. She is currently the MixxedFit Master Educator for the State of Illinois.

2 years ago, she began the Chicago “KIDZ WANNA DANCE” program at Studio 101 Dance & Fitness. A program designed for girls ages 7-15 to help build confidence while serving in their communities. Teaching life & social skills through dance fitness. Reminding our girls that there is not a set blue print on how you have to look and feel. But more importantly, be KIND to others!

Community involvement is always a priority! As MixxedFit Master Educator, she has organized donation Drives for local organizations such as Cradles to Crayons to help children from low income families. With the help of other Mixxedfit instructors and enthusiasts, organized and assisted in several fundraisers throughout the city benefiting families in need.

Veronica believes that dance fitness helps people accept, love and empower each other.

“For every imperfection, every grey hair, every scar/stretch mark, I am reminded that in order for the world to accept me – I have to love the real me. And in order to connect with my students, I must let myself be vulnerable.
I realized that what I REALLY teach is authenticity, acceptance, love, empowerment, and self-worth the dance and workout becomes part of the process”
My goal is simple: I want you to want to forget you are working out, to love the music, smile and to get hooked while achieving long-term benefits and experience an absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life!

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