Sausage Making 101

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Grilling season is upon us. Do yourself a favor and skip the Oscar Meyer and the Johnsonville. There's a new, hand-crafted sausage in town.

In this class, Dabblers will gain a better understanding of selecting meats, grinding and seasoning for the ultimate homemade sausage. You will team up with other Dabblers to create a sausage from scratch using high-quality ingredients. A few varieties include:

• Knockwurst; knackwurst —a short, plump smoked sausage needing poaching or grilling; contains finely minced lean pork, beef, spices and, notably, garlic; often served with sauerkraut
• Wienerwurst—believed to be the origin of American frankfurter; beef and pork flavored with coriander and garlic
• Weisswurst—German for "white sausage" and is very pale and delicately flavored; made of veal, sometimes beef and pork, cream and eggs; a specialty of Munich and traditionally served at Oktoberfest with rye bread, sweet mustard and of course, beer.

This class is perfect for those that truly appreciate sausage and wish to experiment with flavors at home. No experience required. We'll provide ingredients, big ol' meat grinders, witty commentary & more.

Student Reviews

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    Jeff C.
    Sausage Making 101

    Really liked this class and wish it was offered again. I learned a lot about making and cooking sausage.

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    Bonnie B.
    Sausage Making 101

    Great class!

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Allen Sternweiler

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Chef Allen began cooking with his mother as a young boy. Being of German immigrant parents, he was exposed to European cooking, as well as hunting and fishing, which played a key role in shaping his love for the outdoors and in forming the cooking style which he has developed over his lifetime. He has worked for several acclaimed restaurants in Chicago and has been recognized as one of the countries “best game chefs”.