Glassblowing: Make Your Own Glass Bead

There currently are no dates scheduled for this course. Message the host to request a new date or private class.

Get a little glassblowing in your day. Watch me make a bead, then make one yourself. Design your colors, patterns, and textures. Choose how you to take it home: still warm, necklace, bracelet, keychain, etc. I've got all the things you need. Your bead can be a simple round shape, flat disk, cylinder, or an egg!


Each person will spend about 10-20 minutes making their bead. Then the bead will cool for 15-20 minutes. Coffee, Tea, Water, Juice, and Snacks will be served. Games and Coloring will be provided. You can watch the other students take their turn, or you can leave after your turn. Stay a while and look at the gift shop or take a walk in the tree-lined residential neighborhood. 


Groups of 4+ are encouraged to schedule their own private session for a discount. Just get in touch or (773)888-1514  Once you are here you can make additional beads for $15 each.

What will be provided

Glass, Heat, Safety Glasses

Rosey Merkin

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Glass Artist and Teacher in Chicagoland for 10+ years with all kinds of people in all different places. I don't just make art and teach people how to make art. I'm a little bit like a construction worker / therapist. Glass Artists build and maintain their own studios, ovens, and furnaces. I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work so that I can help people enjoy the fear and responsibility that comes with handling 2300F molten glass.