Canning 101: Cherries + Jam and more!

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    Jennifer S.
    Canning 101: Cherries + Jam and more!

    Patty leads a wonderful class, especially for beginners! She provided all of the materials and walked us through the cooking and canning process. She is also very knowledgeable about all things canning, so she was ready to answer all of the questions we had about sugars, acids, air bubbles, etc. I highly recommend taking one of Patty's classes because she insists you get your hands dirty (so to speak) and actually make the products instead of merely observing.

    From Teacher:

    Thank you so much Jennifer! I'm so excited you liked it! May you can lots of yummies for you family and friends:)

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Patty Heinze

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I have been canning for almost a decade and love it! In this corporate world of additives and food that is "not real," it is nice to know that you made something for yourself and your loved ones with fresh ingredients that you control. Come on a journey with me into the world of canning. You will find it difficult to go back!