The Second City Guide to Humor Writing for Social Media and Blogs

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Everything is online. Whether it be this course description or those cat pictures you’re forwarded, the future of almost anything imaginable is on the Internet, and that includes comedy. Unlike any other platform or medium comedians and comedy writers operate in, there is no greater way to test non-standup material than by running it past an online audience. If this is a world you want to explore, then this workshop is the perfect way to kick the tires.

Through written exercises, group discussion, and an exploration of the key principles that govern both Second City and the dominating comedy styles (point of view, character, satire, and cat jokes), you’ll learn how writing comedy for the Internet differs from writing for the stage or the page. More specifically, how to be funny on Twitter and develop characters for standalone blog posts/rants.



Student Reviews

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    Oz D.
    The Second City Guide to Humor Writing for Social Media and Blogs

    Excellent session. Even though my character idea for my blog is more dramatic than humorous, studying 'character' through comedy gave me solid components for thinking about development of a compelling character.

    I also got an inside perspective on the mechanics of why some of my favorite shows are funny.

    90 minutes well spent.

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    Hilary H.
    The Second City Guide to Humor Writing for Social Media and Blogs

    David brings a wealth of knowledge to the Second City table. He is a bright, engaging teacher and I learned quite about online humor POV, character development and dos/dont's in our brief 90 minutes together.

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About David

David Wolinsky is an internationally published writer, critic, and the co-author of a book from The Onion's A.V. Club, the straight journalism side of one of the nation's biggest and most respected satire publications. He's also part of the management editorial teams at NBC Chicago and His degree is in music business (not writing) from Middle Tennessee State, which is why he also thinks anyone who wants to write for a living can, if they're determined enough. He's also co-authoring another book, a web series, and writing a handful of scripts (including an hour-long drama pilot about 9/11). Between all that, he freelances for publications as far-flung as Wired and Maxim to Funny or Die and @GAMER. You can follow David on Twitter @davidwolinsky.