Easy Buttonholes

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Carousel buttonholes

Do Buttonholes have you running for the velcro? They don't have to! Buttonholes are really quite easy if you know the right steps!

Join us at the Horseshoe Market for a special "pizza delivery" class demonstrating how to insert a buttonhole in 30 minutes or less! Learn some great tricks and tips, ask questions, and discover how easy buttonholes can be in this stitchy tutorial!

You don't need a machine for this class! And we'll send you a cheat sheet to your email after class! Just show up and learn!

This class will be a demonstration class, instead of hands-on like our longer, detailed hour-long classes.

Join HISS Studio to help develop your sewing skills today!

HISS Studio

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With over 30 years sewing experience and many many sewing "experiments" gone good and bad, it was time to share some of these findings with others who enjoy sewing and making garments and home decor items. I truly believe anyone that wants to learn to sew will be able to make quality items with the proper skills offered to them...I don't just teach sewing, I help you build confidence and skills at HISS Studio!

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