Beginning Sewing Series: September

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Our Beginning sewing series is PERFECT for new sewers looking to gain basic skills that can be applied to any sewing project. Bring your machine or use one of ours! 

Classes included are:

Sewing Machine Basics: September 10th @ 3:45pm
Learn the basic stitches of the machine, proper cleaning techniques, identify the main parts of a machine and how they work, learn how to properly thread your machine for jam-free sewing. 

Know Your Tools: September 10th @ 5pm
Learn about the main tools used in the sewing process, how to use them to your maximum benefit, and what tools work best for specific projects. Perfect for those looking to set up a sewing area in their home without wasting space or blowing the budget!

Simple Seams: September 17th @ 12pm
There's more to a great seam and edge finish than stitching a line and ironing it flat. Learn different seam finishes, how to properly press your seams, and how to get a professional finish every time!

Pressing 101: September 17th @ 1:15pm
There's "ironing" and then there's PRESSING. Do you know the difference? Learn to get the most out of your iron and board, and what pressing tools to consider when building your sewing tool chest. If you want to take your sewing to the next level of professionalism quickly and easily, this is the class to take!

Edge Finishes and Hems: September 24th @ 3:45pm
Finished edges give a crisp, well executed look to any project. Learn how to narrow edge hem, blindstitch a hem, and explore some fun finishes!


What will be provided

Materials provided, but if you have a sewing machine, empty bobbin and manual, bring it!

Series Cancellation Policy

HISS Studio

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With over 30 years sewing experience and many many sewing "experiments" gone good and bad, it was time to share some of these findings with others who enjoy sewing and making garments and home decor items. I truly believe anyone that wants to learn to sew will be able to make quality items with the proper skills offered to them...I don't just teach sewing, I help you build confidence and skills at HISS!

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