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The Binoculars Tour will change the way you look at the buildings around you forever. I mean that too. Impress your friends with your architectural knowledge!

This tour focuses on learning how to “read” a building by understanding the ornament on it’s facade. Building ornament may be useless – structurally useless – but it is not arbitrary! In fact, it’s full of deep meaning and conveys a message to all who see it, but the trick is, you have to see it.

SO! Like a gaggle of campers, each of us armed with a pair of binoculars (that you get to keep), and a hilarious and knowledgeable tour guide (you have to give me back), we’ll set out to explore what no one else does. We’ll see griffins, demons and gargoyles!

We’ll “read” some of Chicago’s best buildings, like the Chicago Board of Trade, the Rookery and the Chicago Temple (it’s a skyscraper church, it is cool and it has some seriously scary and sad ornament on it). Grab your binoculars, lean against a building and look up, see the beauty and the artistry that most people today never, ever see.


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All ages welcome

What's Provided

Binoculars for all.

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • The price for this tour includes a pair of binoculars that you get to keep!
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Margaret Hicks

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Margaret Hicks is a comedian, tour guide, author and lover of all things Chicago. She moved to NYC 10 years ago and when she got home, she promised never to take Chicago for granted again.

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