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THIS TOUR IS ALL INDOORS! It really is. If you’re wondering, is it really? It is.

You also may be wondering, what is the Chicago Pedway anyway?

And my answer would be, the Pedway (along with Lower Wacker IMHO) is the unsung hero of Chicago. It’s an all-indoor series of hallways and walkways that keep Chicago warm (and cool in the summer!) and dry.

Sure, some may see only shoe-shine places and convenience stores, but we know better!  When we start to dig into the Pedway and examine it – it reveals itself to be a fascinating study. This tour will talk about the Pedway, the history of it and how to use it, but you also get a really great insight into the city, it’s architecture and it’s history. Plus, we have a ton of fun on the Pedway Tour.

The Pedway is not a well-known part of the city, a mystery to even the most seasoned natives. It will challenge your logic, your senses (it mostly smells good, I promise!) and definitely your sense of direction. There’s art and beauty and life down there,  and the best part is, you are basically getting a full Chicago highlights tour without ever going outside! So good.

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  • The Pedway contains lots of ups and downs and escalators, elevators and stairs.
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Margaret Hicks

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Margaret Hicks is a comedian, tour guide, author and lover of all things Chicago. She moved to NYC 10 years ago and when she got home, she promised never to take Chicago for granted again.

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