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Jumpstart your New Year's Resolutions with this DELICIOUS DIY Detox class that will teach you how to create your own cleanse on your own terms.

It's true, your body does have built-in detox systems, but we tend to overload those symptoms by eating the standard American Diet (especially during the holidays), chronic stress, lack of sleep, polluted environments and toxin in our everyday products.

Do any of these sound like you:

  • Sluggish?

  • Waking up tired?

  • Or feeling like you can't sleep?

  • Do you have have brain fog or fuzzy thinking?

  • Irritable?

  • Bloated or having digestive challenges?

  • Carrying a little extra around the middle?

  • Is your skin dry, greasy or breaking out?

  • Cravings are out of control?

  • Bad breath?

  • Lost your motivation?

In this class, Culinary Nutrition expert Monique Costello will discuss how the body detoxes naturally (lymphatic, kidneys, skin, etc.) and how those pathways become clogged, and the ways in which you can support them through proper food combining, nutrient absorption, stimulating spices and acidic vs alkaline foods.

You will learn how to plan and execute your very own cleanses so they work with your tastes, diet preferences and lifestyle. Detoxing is not limited to green juices and it doesn't HAVE to be vegan.

You will learn yummy recipes and simple food prep steps that have helped hundreds lose pounds and take control of their health. Watch as Monique demonstrates a handful of easy detox recipes and then taste how delicious detoxing can be. We'll touch on self-care too!

This class will take you through:

● ways our bodies detox
● raw vs cooked food
● foods that soothe and heal digestion
● juicing vs smoothies
● alkaline vs acid-forming foods
● the power of fermented foods
● anti-inflammatory foods
● 4-day sample menu plan
● designing your own detox
● best nutritious detox recipes
● most important supplements and super foods to spend your money on

Are you being held back from living your fullest life because you just don't have the energy or just don't feel well? Make the decision to join us today, spots are limited!!

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Monique Costello

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Monique Costello is an Integrative Holistic Health Coach and a Culinary Nutrition Expert. After years of chronic pain and unexplained symptoms, she found relief in the very same element that fueled her passion, food.

A champion recipe developer once featured on The Food Network, Monique now works as a health coach, teaches healthy cooking classes and hosts workshops on Pain Management and Women's Self Esteem, helping people recognize that food is medicine and it can heal you from the inside.

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